420 College


420 College is headed by president and founder, George Boyadjian.  After working in the construction industry for the last 10 years and operating his own remodeling company for the last 9 years, George decided to pursue his real passion of working in the medical marijuana industry after the construction industry along with several other industries where damaged by the fading economy back in 2008. George started his own medical marijuana collective in the Central Valley (Fresno Compassion Association) and decided to start 420 Collegeto spread the word about this fast rising industry from his own personal experiences and the experiences of his associates who own and operate successful medical cannabis facilities.  The law curriculum at the 420 College seminars is being given by the best medical marijuana attorney William McPike, who has over 30 years experience in the law.

420 College teamed up with the best medical marijuana attorney, William McPike, have been an unbreakable force in the movement of educating Americans about the exciting medical marijuana industry. 420 College has the professionals you need to consult with if you want to start a successful medical marijuana business in California.  educational marijuana schools have got their education from 420 College founder and attorney Bill McPike.

Since the start of 420 College, we have successfully completed 52 seminars throughout California and 1 in Las Vegas Nevada.  There have been more than 600 people who have come through the doors of 420 College (to date 03-30-2012), many of them started operating their own medical marijuana businesses shortly afterward.  There is no reason why anyone should not be able to start their own medical marijuana business, after consulting with the 420 College staff.  Learn from the best, don’t delay and get enrolled to start your medical marijuana business, today!!!

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