Marijuana Stash Inside Sour Cream Container Labeled “Not Weed”

Motorist, 21, Arrested After Cops Find His Marijuana Stash Inside Sour Cream Container Labeled “Not Weed” A 21-year-old Nebraska motorist was arrested Saturday night after a cop discovered his marijuana stash inside a plastic container labeled “Not Weed,” Jordan Meier was traveling with three passengers around 9 PM when a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputy … Continued


Former Senator Mike Gravel To Run Marijuana Company

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) is the new CEO of a marijuana company that produces cannabis-infused products for both recreational and medical use, the company announced Tuesday. The Alaskan Democrat and 2008 presidential contender will lead KUSH, a subsidiary owned by Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson serves as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, … Continued


Famous cheerleader for prez now says: ‘He lied about everything’ NEW YORK – In his new full-length documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” Joel Gilbert found Peggy Joseph, the Florida voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would “pay for my gas and my mortgage.” Surprisingly, some six years into … Continued


Florida Gov. Rick Scott Says He’ll Sign ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said Thursday he’ll approve legislation legalizing a medical marijuana extract low in THC to treat patients and children suffering from conditions that include epilepsy. Despite his opposition to medical marijuana, Scott told The Associated Press he would sign the so-called Charlotte’s Web bill, which passed the Republican-controlled state House with bipartisan support … Continued