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W.E.C.A.N. Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada

Aug 4, 2013

Chris and Ron open up the show this week by talking to W.E.C.A.N member Vicky Higgins, Secretary. Wellness Education....

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Morgan Carman speaks on Medical Marijuana and children

Jul 30, 2013

Join Ron as our new co-host…Big Hempy also known as Joshua McGuire a transplant from the heartland of Ohio landing in....

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President Kamy Akhavan speaks on Cannabis Times Radio

Mar 8, 2013

Each week we have guest discussing a variety of topics surrounding Medical Marijuana and how it relates to today’s gr....

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Rep. Patricia Todd Cannabis Times Radio

Alabama’s medical marijuana bill educates but fails to advance in 2013 Two medical marijuana bills were introduced in Alabama in 2012, but neither received a public hearing. However, it’s clear that all the emails and phone calls from supporters made an impact on legislators because this year’s medical marijuana bill was placed on the agenda and considered … Continued